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Is AMN Forms compatible with Fannie Mae's system?

Yes, we have specifically designed our product to easily upload your BPO, MMR & HECM forms to your Fannie Mae account. For BPO and HECM forms we are directly integrated with Equator. For the other forms we have available, we output files that can be uploaded directly to Fannie Mae’s Asset Management Network.

Is installation required?

No, there is nothing to download or install. AMN Forms is cloud-based software. When you signup online your account is automatically created. During the signup process you create a username and password. You can use these credentials from any computer with an internet connection and a modern web browser to access the software, including Mac & PC.

What happens if Fannie Mae changes their forms?

We understand the forms are changing and so is the industry. When Fannie Mae releases a new version of a form, from “Knowing Your Options” to “Relocation Assistance”, we make the appropriate changes and update it online for FREE.

Do you offer support?

Your subscription to AMN Forms comes with unlimited online support with our Support Team monitoring emails 24 hours a day. Our Support Team is entirely based in the US, so you don’t need to worry about any language barriers.

What forms do you have for me to generate?

We offer just about every standard Fannie Mae form that you use in your everyday business, including BPO, Multifamily BPO, Addendums, Amendments, Broker Scope of Repairs. Click here to see a full list of our forms.

Is this an alternative to MultiForm?

Yes, our product is an alternative to MultiForm. Unlike MultiForm our software is ready to go instantly, without requiring installation. We don’t have a complicated fee structure, and you can cancel at any time.

If I login from a friend’s computer, are my forms still available?

Yes, your forms are stored on our server, therefore wherever you have access to the internet, you can generate, save, or open all your existing forms. We don’t limit the number of devices you can use to access your account.

Does AMN Forms work on Apple Computers?

Yes, AMN Forms is compatible with both PC and Mac.

How does e-signing Fannie Mae forms work?

Our software allows you to send purchase addendums, amendments and terminations directly through our platform and have the agents sign the documents in minutes. This saves you time and hassle!

How does AMN Forms work with Fannie Mae's system?

With all forms you’re able to generate completed PDFs. These can be printed or emailed to other people. For BPO & HCEM forms we are able to submit your completed forms directly to Equator. Once you’ve signed into Equator the first time, AMN Forms will remember your login details.

For other Fannie Mae forms you can download a ZIP file which can be uploaded to your Fannie Mae Asset Management Network account.

Why are there different prices

Some Fannie Mae agents process hundreds of properties a year, and others only do one a month. We want AMN Forms to be available for everyone that needs it. Our tiered pricing charges customers based on how much they benefit from the software. You choose which tier you are on, and you won’t be billed more than the price you choose. However, if your form usage goes beyond your allowance you will need to wait until the following month to create new forms, or you will need to upgrade to a higher tier.

Am I tied into a contract?

No. You can cancel at any time during your subscription. There’s no need to even contact the support team, just select the “Cancel” option from the “My Profile” page in the software. Once you’ve cancelled you won’t be billed again. You can continue to access the software until the end of your current billing period.

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