HECM Properties

Learn how to use AMN Forms to speed-up the HECM property sales.

Get started by creating a new property

When you sign up to AMN Forms you create your login username and password. The first screen you see when you login is the Property List. Click Create Property in the top left.

Enter the property's details

Next, you need to enter the HECM property’s address. It’s important that all of the information on this page is accurate, as it will be used to populate some of the fields on the forms. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, it can be altered at any time.

Create a new form

Once your property is created, you can select the new property, and it will open. All of the available forms are listed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on the form type that you want to create. For HECM properties it’s important that you select the HECM BPO or the HECM Multifamily BPO.

Easily complete the form

You’re then able to quickly enter all of the information into your form. There’s no need to worry about saving the form as this happens automatically as you type. Once you are done you can download the document as a completed PDF or email the PDF directly to someone else.

Export for Fannie Mae

When it comes time to submit a BPO to Fannie Mae, you’re able to download a fully-formatted ZIP file, that contains the PDF and XML that Fannie Mae’s AMN system requires. Simply click the export BPO button from the top right hand corner. You’re asked to create a name for the file, this is only for your reference, so choose something memorable. After you’ve chosen a name the ZIP file will automatically download.

Log into Fannie Mae's AMN system

Next you need to log into Fannie Mae’s AMN system using your credentials.

Click here to to go directly to Fannie Mae’s AMN.

Check for new BPO orders

Once you’ve logged into Fannie Mae’s AMN system, it’s important that you check for new BPO orders. If you see, “NEW!” next to the link for View New 85 Day Update BPO Orders, click on the link.

Click on the "Outstanding BPO Orders Link"

Now you can click on the Outstanding BPO Orders link.

Make sure you use the right link!

If you currently have multiple HECM properties, make sure you click on the Upload BPO link for the property you are submitting.

Upload the BPO file

Next you’re ready to upload the file you exported from AMN Forms. Click on Choose File and locate the ZIP file we saved earlier in the process. Then click on the Upload File button.

And you're done!

If there are no issues, you should reach the success page. If there are issues, read the error message, go back to AMN Forms to correct the issue and re-export the file.

If you get stuck at any point, our Support Team would be glad to help you!

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