Equator Integration

Learn how to use AMN Forms to speed-up the Equator BPO process.

Get started by creating a new property

When you sign up to AMN Forms you create your login username and password. The first screen you see when you login is the Property List. Click Create Property in the top left.

Enter the property's details

Next, you need to enter the property’s address. It’s important that all of the information on this page is accurate, as it will be used to populate some of the fields on the forms.

Click the box to link the property with your Equator account. The first time you do this, AMN Forms will ask you for your Equator login details. AMN Forms will then match the property details you entered with those on Equator.

Create a new form

Once your property is created, you can select the new property, and it will open. All of the available forms are listed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on the form type that you want to create. The Equator integration is currently available on the Fannie Mae BPO and MMR forms.

Easily complete the form

You’re then able to quickly enter all of the information into your form. There’s no need to worry about saving the form as this happens automatically as you type. Once you are done you can download the document as a completed PDF or email the PDF directly to someone else.

Submit to Equator

Once you have completed your form and you are ready to submit your form into Equator click on the Transfer Tool icon in the toolbar. This will begin the process to send the form directly to Equator.

Watch out for errors

After clicking on the submit button, we check your form for errors. Our system is looking for the same errors the Fannie Mae system looks for. If there are any errors, you are presented with a dialog box listing all of the errors.

Finalize the upload

Once your form is checked by our system and is approved for submission our system will provide you with two options. Upload or Upload and Submit. If you click on the upload button your information will be transferred into Equator, however, it will not be submitted to the asset manager. You will have to login to Equator and submit the form manually. If you select Upload and Submit we will upload and submit the form.

The transmission process begins

Now AMN Forms will start the transmission of the form and associated pictures into Equator system. Depending upon a few factors the speed can vary. You can stay on the submitting screen or you can move elsewhere in AMN Forms, the submission will continue in the background.

And you're done!

That’s it, you’re all done. If you are still logged into AMN Forms you will receive an alert that your form was successfully submitted. If you have logged out, you can return back to your form and you are provided with the status of your submission.

If you get stuck at any point, our Support Team would be glad to help you!

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