Which forms are available?

AMN Forms has most of the critical Fannie Mae forms, as well as a growing number of other servicers. When forms are updated, we add them at no additional charge. Learn about each specific form below.

Fannie Mae Forms

Residential Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

The main form used to provide Fannie Mae with your recommended marketing strategy, property valuation as-is and after after repairs. Once completed in AMN Forms, it can be directly submitted to your Equator account or downloaded as a completed PDF.

View BPO Form

Monthly Marketing Report (MMR)

The Monthly Marketing Report is used to update Fannie Mae on properties that aren't selling and needs to be submitted every 30 days.

You are able to easily copy a previous month's report, and amend as required before submitting.

The MMR submits directly to Equator, and isn't available as a PDF.

Lead Paint Disclosure

Used for properties built prior to 1978 to declare the possible presence of lead paint.

View Lead Paint Disclosure

Owner Occupant Certification

This is used as a rider to the Real Estate Purchase Addendum where the purchaser will live in the property.

View Occupant Certification

Contract Cover

The cover sheet that details the listing and selling broker's contact details.

View Contract Cover Form

Knowing Your Options

Notice to tenants of a repossessed property explaining their options.

View Knowing Your Options Form

Notice of Termination

Used when a sale has been terminated after the sale contract has been signed.

View Notice of Termination

Purchase Addendum

Where additional terms need adding into the purchase contract.

View Purchase Addendum Form

Relocation Assistance Agreement

Used where Fannie Mae is incentivising occupants/tenants to vacate a property.

View Relocation Assistance Agreement

Picture Addendum

Use this form to attach additional photos to a PDF.

View Sample Form

Multiple Offers Notification & Acknowledgement

Where the listing agent has received multiple offers for purchase.

View Multiple Offers Notification

HECM Utility Inspections Notice

When a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage purchaser wants to inspect the property's utilities.

View Utility Inspections Notice

Door Hanger Notice

A notice for occupants of a property to contact the agent.

View Door Hanger Notice

Broker's Scope of Repair / Contractor Bid

For the broker to identify the extent of required work, and to list contractors bids.

View Scope of Repair Form

Disclosure & Release

Release form where that has been a water leak or mold found at the property.

View Disclosure & Release Form

Warning Sign

A warning sign to display on the property.

View Warning Sign

Contract Ammendment

Fannie Mae's standard contract amendment form.

View Contract Ammendment Form

Release of All Claims

This form ensures the occupants release the owner from any debts and demands.

View Release of Claims Contract

Waiver & Release Regarding Property Condition

Ensures that the purchaser acknowledges and accepts the condition of the property at closing.

View Waiver & Release Contract

VA Loan Addendum Contract

Necessary contract addendum when the purchaser's loan is backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

View VA Loan Addendum Contract

Summary of Repair Bids

Form for listing contractor repair bids.

View Repair Bid Form

Property Condition Assessment Due to Sudden Disaster

For damage due to wind, floods, fires & earthquakes.

View Assessment Form

Tenant Occupied Property Purchase Supplement

Contract addendum if there is a current tenant, but the purchaser wants to purchase the property vacant.

View Tenant Occupied Supplement Form

HECM Utility Inspection Appointment Request

Form to request a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage utility inspection.

View HECM Inspection Request

Summary of Repair Bids (SAM)

Form for listing contractor repair bids from Fannie Mae Service Agreement Market (SAM) Contractors.

View Repair Bid Form

Floor Covering Bid Form

For listing floor covering bids from designated flooring vendors.

View Floor Covering Bid

Non-Fannie Mae Forms

BLB Resources Internal BPO

The main form used to provide BLB Resources with your recommended marketing strategy, property valuation as-is and after after repairs. Once completed in AMN Forms, it can be downloaded as a completed PDF.

View BPO Form

Freddie Mac BPO

The standard Broker Price Opinion form for Freddie Mac. Once completed in AMN Forms, it can be downloaded as a completed PDF to send to Freddie Mac.

View BPO Form

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